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Flom Motorsports Build Thread Part 11

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Pretty big update today as a lot has been happening in the past couple of months since the last update, so here we go:

We got the new Titan-7 TR-10 wheels in. We went with 18x10.7 +38 (MK5 Supra fitment), and ordered a set of 1" hub and wheel centric spacers from 42 Draft Designs, bringing the total offset to +13, making it not as aggressive as our previous setup, but that was intended. We wanted our wheels/tires to sit inside the fender flares, rather than being flush with them. For tires we went with 285/30/18 Falken Azenis RT660. We had the wheels and center caps powder coated by a local powder coating shop, NV Coatings, in a custom silver/gray color. The intention with that color was to be close to our old wheels' face color, which matches the weave in the carbon fiber on the car, making it all pop in the sun. These are the best photos we have so far, the car hasn't really been out much since the fall.

We recently acquired a second hand, hybrid turbo. This is a Silly Rabbit Motorsport (SRM) hybrid turbo, with the SRM manifold. This is the Garrett GTX3582R center cartridge, and is good for a solid 750whp on E85.

In preparation for that much power and torque, we have started collecting parts for an engine and transmission build, including the other supporting mods (fueling etc.) We already have all of the parts needed for the head, rod bearings, and ID1300cc injectors. We also recently acquired a set of JE pistons. Going with the stock 10.1:1 compression ratio since the car will always be on E85, with the larger 23mm wrist pins, and we have also already ordered a set of the Boostline rods, with ARP2000 rod bolts, that we are awaiting to come in.

There are still LOTS of parts that we need to order for the build (LPFP, upgraded fuel line, LSD, upgraded clutches, upgraded flywheel, etc.), but everything is starting to come together.

The final update on the car for now: we dropped off the car this past weekend at Fortune Auto, out of Powhattan, VA, for them to use the car as the development vehicle for a new coilover offering for the RS3 chassis. We will be getting at least a set of 510's, but are trying to get them to engineer a set of their pro series Dreadnoughts. For those not familiar, the Dreadnoughts are two or three way adjustable and have remote reservoirs. Fortune Auto will have the car through the end of the month and maybe into the fist week of April.

We am planning on doing a 2022 season reveal video and photoshoot after we get the car back, and will post that media on the Flom Motorsports social media outlets. We are super excited for all of these changes and the 2022 season!

Last thing, for those interested in supporting or representing Flom Motorsports, we finally got merchandise sorted out. Everything is viewable and purchasable through the Flom Motorsports website. Please bear with us as some small design aspects of that page on the website are not fully flushed out, but rest assured that the shop aspect is done and orders are being processed and shipped!

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