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Flom Motorsports Build Thread, Part 6

In August 2020, the car was dropped off at Piper Motorsport in Leesburg, VA to have a four-point roll bar with harness bar, and rear strut tower brace welded in. Our car was the first of the 8V chassis that Mitch and his guys had worked on. For the design of the cage, we had some reference photos of other 8V's that have cages in them in addition to Mitch's knowledge of roll bars/cages. We explained to Mitch what we were planning on using the car for, and asked him to build it accordingly. We optioned for chromoly steel to try and save some weight, and had the cage painted black. After the cage was welded and painted, we had the team at Piper add all of the rear interior trim pieces back in place, other than the rear seat pieces, which had already removed. The factory front seats were removed and swapped out for matching Sparco EVO L QRT seats, with matching Sparco 6 point harnesses.

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