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Flom Motorsports Build Thread, Part 7

During the fall/winter months 2020 into current year 2021, we made our racing debut with the car for the Refrigerator Bowl, sponsored by Mach V Motorsports who is out of Sterling, VA. The Refrigerator Bowl is put on GetFast Events, and was held on the different tracks at Summit Point Raceway, in West Virginia. The Refrigerator Bowl in a style of racing called track-cross. Track-cross is a hybrid of autocross and HPDE. You are going from one point on the track to another point, not utilizing the whole track, and are timed. There is normally one or two cars out on the hot track at once, spaced about 20-30 seconds apart.

We raced in the novice class per the event rules, since this was our first time racing with the car. Due to the modification level of the car, we easily took first place in the novice class, for the series. All of out race footage from the Refrigerator bowl, and subsequent race footage is posted on the Flom Motorsports Youtube channel.

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