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Build Thread Part 12

Right after my last update on 09/22/22, my wife and I bought a house and then it was moving time for the next month or so.

With the installation of the MComposit wide body kit, and the removal of some of the factory body panels that had part of the Red Bull livery on it, I decided that it was time to change the livery on the car, so that way I could fully incorporate the new body kit, plus at this point I’ve had the Red Bull livery for about two years now, so I think it’s time for a change.

Over the winter months, I stripped off of the rest of the Red Bull livery vinyl and rocked the “stealth” look of the beautiful Mythos black paint with the exposed carbon fiber. During these months I was going through the process of finding a local vinyl shop to work with on the design and installation of the new livery. I knew I wanted to do a take on the classic 1970’s Formula 1 livery of John Player Special (JPS). I found a local shop and after sending their designer a bunch of my “inspiration” media, we did a few iterations, and landed on a design. Come the end of January, I had the car wrapped with the new JPS inspired livery.

While the new livery stuff was happening, I was also on the hunt for a new set of wheels. My thought was to have the livery vinyl color and the wheel color match. I stumbled upon Forgeline’s holiday sale and ended up ordering a custom set of their GW3R model from their motorsport series in “Race Gold”. Since I was able to define the specs of the wheels, I wanted to build them in such a sizing that didn’t require me to run spacers to achieve the fitment that I was looking for, so I settled on 18x11 et0 in a square setup.

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