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Build Thread Part 13

Also while all of this was happening, I was working with two different magazines that wanted to do features on the car. The first was Performance VW out of the UK. An acquaintance of mine reached out to one of their editors and showed them photos of my car and asked if they wanted to do an article, the answer was a resounding “yes!”. Released in their February 2023 issue, utilizing photos from the Dubs at the Gap event from September 2022, they wrote a nice 4 page feature on the car.

The second magazine that wanted to do an article was the quarterly magazine for Audi Club North America (ACNA), called Quattro. Another, different, acquaintance of mine who writes for the magazine periodically once again sent some photos of my car to the magazine editor and asked if he could do an article on my car in the magazine, once again the answer was a resounding “yes”. Rather than using the same photos from September that Performance VW used, we agreed that I would supply high resolution photos after the new wheels and livery were put on the car. So come the beginning of February, I had gotten the photos and sent them over. That article was published in the second quarter edition of Quattro for this year.

A big change to the car that also happened at the end of January, was the addition of a custom titanium catback exhaust. Since September of last year, when the TCR kit was completed, I had been running a turndown tip that dumped the exhaust under the car at the rear axel. Now, I have the exhaust running out the back of the car, with a single center exit, just like a real TCR car.

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