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Flom Motorsports Build Thread Part 10

Well we decided to reveal the first of a few off season changes yesterday on the Flom Motorsports social media accounts, and YouTube channel (, so we figured we would share here too. We had the Eventuri headlight delete duct installed by New German Performance in Manassas Park, VA. We had them do just the first piece of the install, the actual headlight duct since that requires removing the bumper, something that we don't quite have the ability to do ourselves.

Once we got the car back, we started working with the second piece of the duct and quickly realized it wouldn't fit with the APR cone filter. We opted for an AEM cone filter that is slightly shorter, so it would fit inside the secondary air ducting piece (see photos below). The AEM part number is: AEM-21-210EDK. Since we are not running the rest of the Eventuri intake, it is not a tight seal as Eventuri intended, but should still help with IAT's and help get cooler air in to prevent heat soak.

A second issue we ran into, is having the second piece of the duct occupy the same space as the Iroz DSG catch can. We have a friend who lives right around the block from me who had a 034 DSG can on his car. He was kind enough to remove it from his RS3 and bring it over so we could test fit it. The 034 can fits with a couple of added washers used for clearance-ing the catch can up slightly. Being the awesome friend that he is, we simply traded catch cans after confirming fitment of the 034 one on my car. We added some gaffers tape to the bottom of the bolt (done after the below photos were taken), where the line off the transmissions attaches to the can, just to be safe to prevent scratching of the finish on the carbon fiber duct.

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