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Flom Motorsports Build Thread, Part 8

In April of this year, the car was dropped off at Speedesign Custom Graphics near Baltimore, to have the car vinyl wrapped with a livery that we and one of our good friends designed in Forza. Speedesign has done work for the likes of Vaugh Gitten Jr, Nissan USA SEMA builds, Chelsea Denofa, Chris Forsberg, Ryan Tuerck, etc. John and his team at Speedesign did an amazing job with transferring the design that we made in the game, to a digital render laid over the car, and then making the design idea come to life, in person on the actual car. We had the design all figured all before the car was there in person. The car was dropped off on a Sunday, and the following Friday we picked it up in the evening.

The screen shots from Forza

The rendering that John did using a photo of our car

The finished product

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